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Every time I edit this site, it ends up shorter as evidence of what happens when you leave too much personal information on the Internet compounds. Most of the content dates from 1995 to 2000 when vanity websites were a thing and web design was a much simpler beast; I have been slowly pulling down the obsolete and irrelevant stuff. Still, I do not want it to be entirely useless...

What I'm currently doing

I'm currently working for Talus Technologies Inc., a Calgary-based software company that currently focuses on seismic data management (SDM) software.

What I was doing...

Over the years, I have worked for Energy Solutions, Critical Control Solutions, TCENet, Simulutions as well as AMOCO Canada. I've also worked as a technical writer, programmer, technical artist and a few other entertaining jobs over the years. I've a BSc. in Computer Information Systems from DeVry as well as a BA in English Literature from Bishop's University in Quebec.

Computers. Naturally.

While I am primarily a MacOS user, I maintain a separate Windows system for gaming. In the past I've also been a LINUX, PalmPilot and Amiga aficionado (more on that below.) I'm also an avid iOS user at the moment as I like the Apple ecosystem.

I was also an ardent Amiga user for quite a while, during which time I was an AMUCer, a member of the Calgary Amiga Users Group. I (and AMUC of course!) organised a tradeshow called AmiJam'95. The Amiga still runs under WinUAE emulation. Amongst other dead and dying computer systems, I also enjoyed using the Apple ][ and BeOS systems. I used to be into 3D rendering, but since real-time gaming systems now exceed what I can do laboriously, I gave up. The (dated) results are here.

Online multiplayer games were an interest. They actually still are, but life gets in the way these days. My first foray into this was MUD2. This was (and still is) an absolutely stunning text based multiuser game; currently the only instance of it running is on mud2.com in Canada. The last MMORPG fixation was Blizzard's World Of Warcraft; I played on the Cenarius server.

Non-Computer Interests

Non-computer interests include things like kayaking and bicycling, science fiction and fantasy literature. Typically my stereo blasts while I'm at home, so if you live in an adjoining building, you might just overhear what I'm listening to. Affordable digital cameras allowed me to develop an interest in photography; I remain a rank amateur, but some of the results are pretty nice.


"Hough" seems to be one of those names no one can pronounce, so for the record here it is: it sounds like "Huff." So it rhymes with "rough", "enough", "tough" and so on. The "ough" does not sound like "bough", "drought", "dough", "thought", "plough", "through", "borough", "slough", "cough" and or "hiccoughed". So, "Howe", "Who", "Ho", "How", "Hoog", "Hoff", "Hurra" and "Hawf" are all wrong.

So there.

Who I'm Not

Google is a wonderful search engine, but sometimes the results are a little unclear. For those following links from Google, I'm not the one of the fine "Adam Hough"s who:
  • lives in Australia
  • plays a guitar
  • plays hockey
  • participates in golf tournaments in Minnesota
  • drives karts
  • kickboxes
  • enjoys BMX biking
  • plays soccer for Newcastle Athletic
  • plays for the North London Lions Australian Rules Football team
  • was born in 1988
  • attends the University of Portland or the University of South Florida
  • is a chemical engineer
  • acted in a South Dakota high school's production of "Tom Jones"
  • is a fan of the Dave Matthews Band
  • sponsors an animal adoption club
  • is dead (a surprising number of references to them.)


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