Designs for the Amiga Users of Calgary

AMUC Header

As of November 30th, 1995

The majority of work done for AMUC has been based around the AMUC logo. Here's how it looked originally: Steve's AMUC logo Here's my update on it: Neat AMUC Logo

Here it is on a T-shirt: T-shirt GFX

Here it is on a CD (or three!): 1st AMUC CD 2nd AMUC CD 3rd AMUC CD 4th AMUC CD

Here's the logo on a coffee mug: Coffee Mug design

Here's one of the simplified versions: Simplified Logo

Here is the logo on a cake served up at the 100th meeting of AMUC back in December 1994. Logo on a cake

It's also appeared on all of the fronts of the Run AMUC's I've produced but I'll save fiddling with those for another day.

I've also done some non-AMUC logo based work. Here's the back of the AmiJam shirt: WestBoing
The tools used in the various logos are:

Bitmap Paint Packages

Deluxe Paint v4.5

Brilliance v2

Vector Based Drawing Packages

ProDraw v3.03

ProVector v3

DTP Packages

Professional Page 4.1

PageStream 3.0


ArtDepartment Pro 2.5

TypeSmith 2.5

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