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Me and my trusty 3d package

I picked up a copy of HiSoft/Maxon/Oregon Research's Cinema 4D rendering/animation package in early June of 1996.

Now I knew just about nothing about how to render, and had not done anything in that vein previously. The graphics below are what I produced about six hours after starting :)

AMUC mug from flat on AMUC mug from left above AMUC mug from right above

The graphics are (obviously I guess...) of a mug made for the Amiga users of Calgary. To cut a long story short, since AMUC is continually referred to as AMUG, we decided to have a real AMUG we could point to whenever that mistake was made. I designed the graphic that wrapped around it, and then that was printed onto British porcelain "Alberta" black coffee mugs. For more AMUC related design work, please take a look at my AMUC Designs page

Silver cube with initals This graphic is based on one I saw on the net a little while back and I wanted to see if I could produce something similar. To those on Innernet #amiga who witnessed my complete inability to find the silver texture Cinema 4D ships with, this is for you :) The graphic was then cropped in Photogenics in order to give that nice white border (which it's impossible to render and have the cube show any reflections at all!)

After about three months of not touching Cinema 4D (had a bit to do with the speed on an 030) and then two months of bashing my brains out against Visual C++ 4 on the PC, I figured I'd try the rendering again...

[a graphic] [a graphic] [a graphic]

[a graphic] [a graphic]

[a graphic]

The above pictures are test renders in various different resolutions and levels of competency. I just thought I'd bung them up here!

juggler.anim frame The current rendering project is an update on the old Amiga Juggler animation by Eric Graham, with a few nods to society at large, not to mention another famous Amiga related object. :) All of the objects, including the monocycle, were designed from scratch (well, not the figure as such since it's based on a default model in C4D). Here's one of the frames.

I'm currently working on a few other objects, but with only a 25MHz 030 in my machine, these things take time :)

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