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What's left on the bookshelf...?

Adam's bookshelf

But now as to why all these unread books are up there. There're a couple of reasons. First and most importantly I want to brag about the fact I can read. And I do. Lots.

More seriously it's a pseudo-interactive experiment. If you want to find out whether a book is worth reading and you've already looked at my short reviews pages and generally agree with the comments, you can select a book from here and send me a message asking me to put it to the front of my to-read list. Within a week or so I'll post a short review about the book with my opinions. Neat, eh? If you just wait, you may be waiting a long time -- a couple of those titles have been sitting unread for over 13 years...

Currently on my extensive reading list at the moment (biiiig bookshelf!) (not including hardbacks either) are:
  • Kevin J. Anderson's "Jedi Search"
  • Piers Anthony's "Battle Circle" and "Apprentice Adept" trilogies, "And Eternity", "Demons Don't Dream" and "Isle of Women"
  • Robert Asprin's "Thieves' World"
  • Isaac Asimov's "Prelude to Foundation" and "Forward the Foundation"
  • Nancy Baker's "The Night Inside"
  • Ben Bova's "Brothers"
  • David Brin's "Earth"
  • Terry Brook's "First King of Shannara"
  • John Brunner's "The Complete Traveller In Black"
  • Stephen Brust's "The Phoenix Guards"
  • Orson Scott Card's "Seventh Son"
  • C.J. Cherryh & Mercedes Lackey "Reap the Whirlwind"
  • Chris Claremont's "Grounded"
  • Arthur C. Clark's "Beyond the Fall of Night"
  • Arthur C. Clark & Gentry Lee's "Garden of Rama" and "Rama Revealed"
  • Adrian Cole's "King of Light and Shadows"
  • Pamela Dean's "The Dubious Hills"
  • Tom Deitz's "Soul Smith"
  • Gordon Dickson's "Soldier, Ask Not" and "The Earth Lords"
  • David Drake's "Old Nathan"
  • Dave Duncan's "The Hunter's Haunt"
  • P.N. Elrod's "Red Death"
  • Bill Fawcet's "Wizard of Tizare" and "Defenders of the Air"
  • Alan Dean Foster's "Maori"
  • John Gardner's "Grendel"
  • Jane Gaskell's "The Serpent"
  • David Gemmel's "Druss the Legend" and "The Legend of Deathwalker"
  • William Gibson's "Virtual Light"
  • Karen Harber's "Mutant Prime"
  • Andrew Harman's "The Frogs of War"
  • Tom de Haven's "Walker of Worlds"
  • Paul Hazel's "The Finnbranch"
  • William Horwood's "Duncton Wood"
  • Robert Jastrow's "Journey to the Sky"
  • Guy Gavriel Kay's "Tigana"
  • Richard Knaak's "King of the Grey"
  • Gentry Lee's "Bright Messengers"
  • Julian May's "Many Coloured Land"
  • Anne McCaffrey's "Lyon's Pride" and "Crystal Singer"
  • Michael Moorcock's "Books of Corum"
  • Larry Niven's "Books of Known Space"
  • Thomas Palmer's "Dream Science"
  • Lester Del Rey's "Pstalemate"
  • Anne Rice's "Interview With the Vampire", "The Vampire Lestat", "Queen of the Damned" and "The Witching Hour
  • Christopher Rowley's "Bazil Broketail"
  • Fred Saberhagen's "Frankenstein Papers" and "The Black Throne"
  • Alison Spedding's "The Road and the Hills", "The Streets of the City" and "A Cloud Over Water"
  • Anthony Swithin's "Prince of Sandastre"
  • Paul Thompson's "Riverwind the Plainsman"
  • Robert Anton Wilson's "Historical Illuminati Trilogy"
  • David Wingate's "Chung Kuo"
  • Jonathan Wylie's "Other Lands"
  • Roger Zelazny's "Isle of the Dead"
As I'm sure you can realise, second hand bookshops just start giggling when they seem me approaching! I also wish that authors would put out a few fewer trilogies...

More serious reading includes:

  • Stephen Saylor's "The Venus Throw" and "Catalina Riddle"
  • Pierre Burton's "My Country"
  • Umberto Eco's "Foucault's Pendulum"
  • Stephen Levy's "Artificial Life"
  • Alan Paton's "Cry Beloved Country"
  • Hunter S. Thompson's "Songs of the Doomed"

And the entries in the contemporary thriller section are:

  • Dale Brown's "Sky Masters"
  • Tony Cape's "The Cambridge Theory"
  • Tom Clancy's "Op Centre"
  • Harold Coyle's "Bright Star"
  • Paul Erdman's "Zero Coupon
  • William E. Holland's "Moscow Twilight"
  • Anthony Hyde's "China Lake"
  • Gavin Layall's "The Secret Servants" and "The Crocus List"

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