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One thing about working means that I tend to take public transport downtown. That means I get to read again! With all the computer work I do, it's always good to put that English Literature degree to some use...

Mmm, reading.

Road Cover Book of the update is "The Road and The Hills" by Allison Spedding, a fantasy very loosely based on a character similar to Alexander the Great. I'm about 12 pages in so far so can't really say more. (I've now been 12 pages in for the last two years; does this tell you anything? :)) Check the rest of the pages for books I've been reading in the mean time.

Actually, there's usually more than one book being read at a time. The current picks are in the graphic off to the right.

Personal taste tends towards Science-fiction and Fantasy but there's more than just that in my bookshelf. Other recently read books are commented on here.

To see what's still extant on the bookshelf, take a look!

Current reading

Computer Books There're also a couple of computer books, but those hardly qualify as recreational reading? Well, maybe to some people "Developing SGML DTDs" would qualify, but not to me!

Recommended computer book reading of the update is "Teach Yourself Cafe in 21 Days" which appears to be an excellent introduction to Symantec's visual Java environment and the language itself.

Well, I'm sure you've had great fun going through this lot. 10 to 1 it was using AltaVista and you were looking for a more indepth review :-)

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